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We know that some companies and government agencies are not ready to take simulation capabilities in-house.  We provide high-quality research, development, test, and engineering consulting services and our experts have a unique ability to drive solutions from concepts toward reality.  For over 10 years, our consulting services and expertise  have utilized a wide-range of tools, best practices and processes, and analysis methodologies to drive from a concept toward a solution.  Our unique M&S, system and software engineering, and HPC expertise provides for cost effectiveness in a budget conscience environment while ensuring on-time delivery.  


ACS Consulting is the North American distributor of CHAM's CFD code PHOENICS, an all-inclusive analysis tool kit containing a pre-processor, solver, and visualization package.  There are no separate purchase requirements and users are often running simulations within hours instead of days.

We offer a flexible licencing model that can be tailored based on requirements, capabilities, and expertise.  This user centric delivery ensures the most economical licensing solutions to meet your simulation requirements.  Annual maintenance contracts are also available, which entitles users to software upgrades and unlimited user support.  Discounts are available for non-profit R&D institutions, which includes academic institutions. Parallel processing licensing options are also available.  

PHOENICS includes a pre-processor for model setup, a numerical solver with a variety of state-of-the-art capabilities, and a post-processor for visualization.  This enables users to save time and money immediately.

User Support for PHOENICS

When you buy PHOENICS, you gain access to our dedicated User Support team.  We provide comprehensive user support for all maintained users, from problem setup assistance to resolution.  Comprehensive technical support is available to all users and enquiries can be made by phone, fax, or email.  We are also part of the worldwide technical support team of CHAM.

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Innovative Solutions at an Affordable Cost

ACS Consulting offers a wide range of cost effective engineering research and development services to meet customer needs.  From SSA software optimization to Computational Fluid Dynamics and PHOENICS licensing, we tailor our support to meet customers R&D and mission requirements.  We work with customers to establish clear goals, realistic costs, and resource requirements to ensure on-time delivery and services.