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Advanced Computational Solutions (ACS) Consulting was founded in 2001 by Dr. Allen Badeau.  The company is a leader in providing support services for a wide range of engineering simulation services, system and software engineering design, and optimization. Our expertise in fluid-flow and heat-transer processes in a multitude of design, engineering, research, development, test, and scientific applications ensures cost effective solutions.  With a wide range of expertise, coupled with our ability to optimize processes and tools, we are a best value solution for government agencies and private industries. Additionally, we have a unique ability to leverage High Performance Computing resources to optimize the system engineering and product life-cycle management process.  ACS Consulting is headquartered in Morgantown, WV.  



As a leader in providing high quality, innovative system engineering and software development solutions using various analytical tools, including CFD/FEA/Multi-physics methodologies, in 2005 ACS Consulting teamed with CHAM to become a USA representative for PHOENICS CFD.  CHAM is a world leader in providing cutting edge CFD software solutions and is one of the original commercial CFD packages and is the leader in providing complex numerical solutions for a variety of multi-physics problems.  This teaming enables ACS Consulting to provide even more comprehensive systems engineering and CFD support to our customers within the USA.


Led by its founder, ACS Consulting's team of experienced professionals offers a comprehensive range of services in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Magneto-Hydro Dynamics (MHD).  These include:

System Engineering and M&S

» Design optimization for various multi-physics systems

» Integration of M&S into the product design life-cycle

» Systematic use industry standards and technology to enhance the value of engineering simulation and overall integration

» ACS Consulting provides modeling and simulation capability in nearly every branch of engineering and science, including:

° Aerospace - Hypersonics, Aerodynamics, Vehicle Designs, Debris Analysis, and Signature Analysis, & Space Situational Awareness

° Automotive - Vehicle designs, testing, & optimization

° Combustion - Process modeling and design for plume and engine analysis

° Physiological  - From new product design, environmental flows, to human effects

° Industrial - Modeling and design for new product development or enhancement

° Turbomachinery - Testing of designs to development of new machinery

° Energy - From MHD to Fusion devices

Software Development

» ITIL and CMMI best practice solutions for software engineering design, integration, and utilization

» Porting, optimization, and life-cycle management

» We also can work with you to utilize High Performance Computing (HPC) resources, benchmark those resources, or test the performance of your tools in an HPC environment

High Performance Computing

» Adaptation and integration of current tools to leverage HPC platforms

» Performance optimization

» Benchmarking for new HPC system performance and application planning

» Enhanced solution and performance assessment in utilization of HPC resources in the Systems Engineering process

PHOENICS Software Sales & Advanced PHOENICS Training

» PHOENICS can be licensed annually or perpetually, with corresponding maintenance contracts being available, which includes upgrades and unlimited user support

» ACS Consulting works with you to meet your license requirements, including offering tailored solutions on a monthly basis

» Discounts are offered to non-profit research and academic institutions

» On-site training detailing introduction to PHOENICS and tailored solutions

» Off-site training for company's or groups

Technical User Support for PHOENICS

» Unlimited free user support when purchasing a PHOENICS license and maintenance agreement from ACS Consulting

» Extended consultancy for non-traditional support, including support requirements for licenses not purchased from ACS Consulting

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